Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Better Week

I did a lot better this week. I listed to a conference talk every work day (I need to get better at working on my goals on the weekend). I also read from the Book of Mormon on the same days. I found myself so excited to read from the Book of Mormon that I read on my morning and afternoon breaks a few days as I walked. It was really calming and refreshing. The more I read it, the more I love it. My goal is to continue with these goals this week making sure that I accomplished them on Saturday as well.


Well I read from the Book of Mormon every day plus my two formal prayers daily along with regular communication with him all day. I finished the Book of Mormon this week. So my plan is to start over with a study guide I bought. On top of that I'm going to look up all the scriptures about Jesus Christ and start reading them as a way to get to know Him better. Just one verse at a time. I'm still working on faith in Preach my Gospel and I will start the next step in my Personal Progress this week too. I don't want to walk in darkness - ever. I need His light and I'm realizing that the more I study and pray, the more I cannot live without it. I'm getting used to it now and I don't ever want to be in the darkness again.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Need to Work Harder

I did not make all of my goals this week. I listened to Conference talks through Wednesday. I could tell the difference in my day the rest of the week. I was running late to work Thursday and Friday. My anxiety was higher than it had been for a while. I didn't like how I felt. On the positive side, I read from the Book of Mormon all but Tuesday and yesterday. That is real progress and probably the reason my afternoon went better than the morning the days I didn't listen to talks.
This week I am going to try again. I can do this. I just need to make it a habit and a priority.


I'm pretty sure that as soon as the last session of general conference last Sunday was over, Satan moved into my house. It was like this wonderful Spirit of the Lord that had been in my home all weekend flew out of the window, only to be replaced with shadows. It's been an awful week. I've been depressed and angry. Exactly opposite of what the Lord revealed to me about being kind and happy. It's taken me most of the week to recover. Thankfully, after a wonderful meeting with my new bishop today, I feel wonderful and back on fire to continue my growth. My bishop showed me something today and I'll see if I can convey it in the same way. He was talking about growth in our lives. He said that we usually want our lives to progress in a steady, upward motion. Like this...

But hopefully what happens is this...

He said, we have many peaks and valleys. The peaks are awesome, the valleys kind of suck but if you look at this like an EKG then it means that we are alive. The flat line above in the medical world means you've stopped living. You are dead inside. We don't want that. We WANT the peaks and valleys no matter how hard they may seem because it means we are ALIVE. I want to be alive. I want to be continually growing even if it means I fall hard and often. It's better than being dead. 

I did meet my goals this week of reading the Book of Mormon every day and praying twice day formally. I didn't really work on any other part of Preach My Gospel because I need to work on implementing what I'm learning and not just getting through the lesson. So, even though this past week really sucked, I'm still alive. I am so grateful for an inspired bishop and wonderful leaders that spoke to us last week. 
Here's to a whole new week after a wonderful Sabbath time to renew and recommit. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Week of Conference

I was actually able to complete my goal this week every day but Tuesday. I really enjoyed this start to my morning. It has been wonderful to feel the spirit in my kitchen during a normally hectic part of my day.
The bonus of this week was that I was able to watch General Conference today. It was hard for me to listen to the talks about accepting the Lord's will. I loved listening to the talks about why the Book of Mormon is true and real, though.

The extra bonus was that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang some of my favorite songs. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I listened to them sing "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and "I Believe in Christ." I have loved "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" since the first time the Primary started learning it (I have been a Primary teacher for a long time). "I Believe in Christ" brings me fond memories of my mom. She was one of the people that taught us how to sign the song when I was Primary age. (I wish I could still sign it.)

This week I am going to continue to listen to conference talks every day. I am going to add to that goal though. I am going to start reading the Book Of Mormon again as well. After listening to the talks today, I feel that I really need to do to help me with the problems I have been having spiritually and mentally.


Well, I have kept up with all the goals I set for this area of my life. I continue to read in the Book of Mormon everyday, as well as my formal prayers morning and night in addition to talking to the Lord throughout the day. I am also continuing my study on faith from the Preach my Gospel book. The first step in the Faith value is complete other than I'm supposed to establish the habit of prayer for three full weeks. I'm on my third week. Then I can have that one signed off. Of course, I will continue to pray, it isn't meant to end after three weeks. In General Conference yesterday, Elder D. Todd Christofferson talked about Christ being the bread of life and the symbolism of that. He said that when the bread is broken it is symbolic of the Savior's torn flesh and when we eat and drink of the bread and water that we take Christ deep into ourselves. Meaning we take his attributes and characteristics into our hearts that we may be one with Him. This is what I am trying to do by learning and trying to be like Him. When I finish with the Book of Mormon this round, I'd like to do the challenge that was presented by Elder Russell M Nelson. He challenged us to read all the scriptures about Christ listed in the Topical Guide under Jesus Christ - as a way to get to know Him better and incorporate his characteristics into our own. I love that. So far, out of this conference, I have felt impressed that I need to be kind and happy. Those two things have been what comes to mind when I ask the Lord what I can do differently or better to make my home a center of love and understanding, one that the Spirit of the Lord will dwell in. I also prayed that my tv and/or the PS4 would break. haha, I don't have the courage to just get rid of it but I know that it is my families go to and escape from the world and our responsibilities. It is such a hinderance for us. I know that sounds stupid but guess what? Half way through the first session of conference, my tv stopped working. It's old anyway and we watch conference via my laptop hooked up to the tv anyway. So we had to just watch on my small screen. But no more tv. ha, how's that for a prayer answered? Now I'm berating myself for asking haha, I'm already missing my tv and it's only been a couple of hours. :)
I will continue on with my original goals for this week, prayer, scripture study, and Christ's attributes study. I will also work on being kind and happy!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

I Will Do Better

I know my biggest problem last week was procrastination, so this week I am setting a specific time to listen to conference talks. I need to listen to them. I know I do. I have been feeling a bit spiritually stagnant lately, and I need to pull myself out of this funk. I am a bit worried that I my not be immersing my self in the gospel enough since I am not taken a religious class this semester. I know that listening to conference talks daily has helped me in the past, so I am bound and determined to make this work. I am going to listen to the talks while I am getting my food ready in the morning. The bonus is that my kids will benefit from it as well since we are all having breakfast about the same time.