Sunday, February 18, 2018

I Forgot...What?

I am getting frustrated with myself when it comes to spiritual goals. I think listening to talks while getting ready for work has almost become a habit at this point. I just keep forgetting to pray and read the Book of Mormon. We learned in Relief Society today that if we put the things of the Lord first, we will be able to find the time for everything else. I think I just need to put my trust in this promise rather than worry about how to fit it all in. I will be going with the youth this week for baptisms at the temple. I am hoping that will help me reset my mind.
This week I will continue with the talks. I will read the Book of Mormon. I will pray each morning. This time I will have a post it on my mirror to remind me. I am hoping that will help.

I decided...

Well I decided to take up the challenge that one of the general authorities suggested...I can't remember who but it was last April. I decided I was going o study all the scriptures about Jesus Christ. There are a lot but I don't see how there would be a better person to study about. I prepared for my lesson today. If fact, I prepared better than I have in a very long time and guess what? I did not feel the! I was so frustrated. I prayed for it. I prepared for it. I got nothing. My friend suggested that the Lord probably just trusted to take it where I thought was best. I don't like it.

This week, I will:

  • Study the topic I've chosen
  • Work on my next Personal Progress task
  • Attend the temple

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Well I failed miserably this week. I realize that I spent a lot of this week feeling ashamed for various reasons and that always drives me from the Lord. Thankfully I had a wonderful visit with my bishop and stake president as well as my therapist and I'm better now.
I am going to try to do a chain scripture study. I've been learning about it in institute. I will start with one scripture and chain it to others that convey the same message. It will take time for each topic but I have time. I decided I wanted to compile this list starting from the basics of gospel principles and moving into deeper concepts. I want to use this list as scripture study with my family. I don't know how receptive they will be but I need to do something. So, this week:

  • Pray every day for guidance on my list compilation and where to start
  • Prepare for my Relief Society lesson on Sunday
  • Start my list and look for If, Then statements that I can apply

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I Tried

Happily, I successfully delivered my talk this morning. I spent more time that I though I would to write it. There were prayers involved.  There were tears shed. There was homework neglected. It was all worth it. I actually enjoyed the entire process (don't tell the bishop).

I listed to a talk each morning until Friday. I don't know how I forgot that day, but I spent a few hours on my talk that afternoon. I used quotes from two different conference talks. I'm not sure that counts because I has read them and listened to them several times at that point. I consider this goal almost accomplished.
The Book of Mormon thing is still not happening. I don't know where the mental block in for that . I am going to put it in my pocket calendar and see if it makes it easier to remember.
My goals this week are to read or listen to the Book of Mormon at least 4 days, listen to a conference talk Monday through Friday, and pray each morning.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Well I completed all of my institute readings for the week and I prayed every day. I didn't start my study by topic though. So for this week I will stick with the same:

  • Pray every day
  • Institute readings
  • Study Book of Mormon by topic


I accomplished most of my goals. I feel good about that. I listened to conference talks 4 mornings (forgetting Monday) and had a few conversations with my boys about what we were hearing. I still haven't accomplished reading the Book of Mormon. I did a lot of research for my talk and have a basic outline in my head, but it is not written down. I think that means that goal is halfway completed.
This week my goal will be similar with just a bit tweaked.

  1. I will listen to a conference talk for 5 mornings.
  2. I will listen to the Book of Mormon being read 5 evenings.
  3. I will finish writing my talk and give my talk in church. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018


What is wrong with me? Why can I not get this done?
I listened to 2 talks this week in the morning and one tonight as preparation for a talk I am giving in two weeks. I know I can do this. I just need to get back in the habit. With conference coming up again in a few month, I want to get back in that mind set. I will make a goal of listening to 4 talks this week.
I did not read at all. I keep telling myself I need to find my actually scriptures rather than reading online or on my phone. I don't know why I have that in my head. When I was reading on a regular basis before, it was on my phone. I guess I just need to stop putting so many rules on myself. The important this is to just read. I will read at least a little bit 3 days this week. That would be more than I have been doing.
One more goal that I have is to have an outline of my talk ready by the end of this week so that I can have an idea of what I will say to finish it next week. I haven't talked in church in a very long time, so I am nervous that I will say something wrong.