Saturday, June 26, 2010

How's that for an answer?

The other day when I woke I was still upset about a fight I had had with my husband. I decided to pray even though I felt justified in my anger and didn't really want to let it go. I prayed and felt the impression to go to my scriptures. We had just had a relief society lesson on scripture study and one sister said that the scriptures held the answers to all our problems.
My scriptures are falling apart. The binding is broken and pages are falling out because I read in the bathtub. So the page that literally stuck out to me was 2 John. I read verse 5 because that was already highlighted. This is what it said...
"And now I beseech thee, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment unto thee, but that which we had from the beginning, that we love one another."
How's that for an answer?
I love the scriptures but I had never considered that they had the answers to life's problems, especially in detail. The Lord really does take care of us and want to help us. I testify that the scriptures are the Word of God. I love them and they give me great comfort in many ways. I love my Heavenly Father and know that He is ever watchful and always ready to help us. I say this in the name of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen

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  1. That is so awesome.

    One time in H.S. I was feeling rather depressed and seriously just hopeless. I felt the same push to check with my scripture for an answer... I was just flippng through and saw a page that had something highlighted in red so I turned back to where I saw it... it wasn't highlighted but the first thing I read was "In the strength of the Lord, thou canst do all things." I thought that was awesome.