Wednesday, November 5, 2014

His life and teachings...

I'm taking a religion class in school titled The Life and Teachings of Jesus and His Apostles. Part of the course is to study certain things and blog about them. Since I already have this blog, I am just going to add to it. It's about time I got back to it anyway.

As I was searching the scriptures John 1:1-14 and John 17:1-5, I pondered the connection between the two references and came up with 5 truths about Christ's pre-mortal life.

1. Jesus was with Heavenly Father before the worlds were created.
2. Christ made all things.
3. Christ gives life - eternal life to men.
4. Christ was given the glory of God so he may glorify God.
5. He have His light to all men who came to earth.

I also came up with 5 truths about Christ's mortal life.

1. He became Flesh
2. Christ showed His light to all men
3. The world knew Him not.
4. His own people rejected Him.
5. he gave power to become the sons of God to all those who received Him.

The question was put forth regarding John 1:1, How is Jesus the Word of God? In Jesus the Christ (Talmage), Talmage says, "...the Father operated in the work of creation though the Son, who thus became the executive through whom the will, commandment, or word of the Father was put into effect. it is with incisive appropriateness therefore, that the Son, Jesus Christ, is designated by the apostle John as the Word; or as declared by the Father 'the word of my power.'

This made a lot of sense to me. I have always struggled with that scripture but I think Talmage put it perfectly. Christ was God's word put into effect.

I also learned about the different names of the Savior. I will explain a little about what I learned for some of them.

  • Christ   -   Again, from James Talmage's book, Jesus the Christ, Talmage says that Christ is a Greek derivation that is identical with the Hebrew equivalent Messiah, meaning the Anointed One. 
  • Messiah   -   The Bible dictionary says that Messiah is an Aramaic word and, of course, it means the anointed. 
  • Jehovah   -   Jehovah is the name of the 'God of Israel'. It means 'Unchangeable One'. We know from scriptures that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Unchangeable. 
  • Immanuel   -   This means 'God with us'. Jesus came to the world to redeem us. He is with us, always. 
  • The Word   -   Here we see this name again. The Word is the Father's word made flesh. Christ exemplified the Father's will and followed all that He asked Him to do. This is why He is appropriately called The Word. 
This has been a great assignment and a wonderful reminder of the divinity of the Savior and His relationship with our Father. 

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