Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The right direction

My husband and I took our boys to the mall last Friday. After leaving the Lego store, we walked around and came across the Victoria's Secret store. I don't know why they put that store across from children's stores. This one was across from the arcade. Anyway, my boys were walking ahead of us and I watched them as we passed the store with all the scantily clad mannequins. My older son kept his eyes straight ahead and talked to his brother. My younger one noticed the mannequins and began to giggle and point and he said to his brother while giggling, "Look Adam, they're in their underwear and bras." At that moment Adam said, "Stop Christopher, that's not appropriate."
I was so proud of him. I'm sure he was very curious. He is 9 1/2 after all. But he knew it was inappropriate and he used his self control. He has a very strong sense of these things and I'm always pleased to see that he restrains himself and makes the right choice, whether it is not looking at something in public or turning the channel if an inappropriate commercial comes on. He is also quick to tell me he is uncomfortable and doesn't like it when he hears something on the t.v. that I am watching, when he is in another room.
He has put on his armor and is ready for battle. I am very proud.

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